CITS implements PhishingAlertButton across client desktops.

CITS is implementing a Phish Alert Button (PAB) in Outlook (provided by KnowBe4). Reporting emails will help clients stay safer. Because the emails they report are sent for analysis, CITS will now be aware of which phishing attacks are able to reach client inboxes. Once we are aware of possible vulnerabilities, we can better defend against them. The …

Wireless Install at Big Heart Orphanage

Our family has returned from Reynosa, Mexico where my son and I replaced the wireless infrastructure at Big Heart Orphanage over two days. Using all Mikrotik equipment, the router was replaced with a RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN. Two existing CAT6 cables carry the traffic to a wAPac and a PowerBox that feeds another wAPac and a NetMetal 5. …

CITS to setup campus-wide wireless network for orphanage in Mexico

My church goes regularly to Reynosa, Mexico to help build homes for local residents. Volunteers stay at an orphanage in Reynosa. It came to my attention that the orphanage has internet connection issues, security concerns with their wireless, and a desire to increase wireless coverage for guests and staff. I volunteered to purchase and install …


Certified I.T. Solutions, LLC installs and configures total VoIP Solution across TMExpress’ five locations using Cytracom, its newest partner.

Software Licensing

Is your software properly licensed? Certified I.T. Solutions, LLC ends a 4 year client relationship for licensing non-compliance and software piracy.