CITS to setup campus-wide wireless network for orphanage in Mexico

My church goes regularly to Reynosa, Mexico to help build homes for local residents. Volunteers stay at an orphanage in Reynosa. It came to my attention that the orphanage has internet connection issues, security concerns with their wireless, and a desire to increase wireless coverage for guests and staff. I volunteered to purchase and install about $1,000 worth of wireless equipment to connect five buildings together, secure the network, increase the wireless coverage and setup bandwidth allocation between the office staff and the guests. My son and I are going down the day after Christmas for a week to install and configure the equipment.

You can help us a couple of ways. First of all, be patient with us while I’m in Mexico. I’ll do my absolute best to take care of issues and help requests in a timely manner and Juan will be in the office. Second of all, consider sponsoring my son and I. In addition to the equipment, I’ve also purchased about $800 in tools and supplies and the trip is over $250 for each of us (fuel, food, lodging). Checks can be made out to “Bear Creek Bible Church” with Landers in the memo. You can send them to the CITS address (PO Box 335, Euless TX 76039).