Wireless Install at Big Heart Orphanage

Our family has returned from Reynosa, Mexico where my son and I replaced the wireless infrastructure at Big Heart Orphanage over two days. Using all Mikrotik equipment, the router was replaced with a RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN. Two existing CAT6 cables carry the traffic to a wAPac and a PowerBox that feeds another wAPac and a NetMetal 5. The NetMetal sends a backbone signal out that is picked up by two SXT Lite5’s, each powered by a PowerBox, and feeds and powers their own wAPac. One SXT is across the street and one is at a dorm on the other side of the campus. The wireless has two networks – one for staff use and one for guests. The guest wireless is limited so the office will have guaranteed bandwidth. Another SXT will be installed for a new building being worked on.