User’s Manual

I’m starting on ongoing list of what clients should know.

  1. If you have some strange issue try restarting first. No need to restart three times – just once will do. If the issue is not resolved then send a help request.
  2. Use the help request system. We put it in place to make sure we get the message. Users have literally emailed to report they couldn’t send email. If you can’t use the help request system then please call – don’t email.
  3. We often respond to requests within a couple of minutes but that doesn’t mean we always can. Please don’t send another request within the hour asking if we got the first request. Consult yor SLA for response times.
  4. Most users would happily insert 4 quarters every work day to use their computer. At that rate a user could replace their computer every four years with a $1,000 system which is pretty decent. Please keep this in mind when your admin tells you its time to replace your seven-year-old computer.
  5. When you report the internet is slow please be sure you and others in the office aren’t listening to the streaming radio, watching videos or have Pandora open. It affects everyone in the office. Eight people with Pandora One will completely consume a T1 line. One person can consume an entire T1 using Netflix (SD).
  6. No, wireless is not faster than a copper line. A great wireless connection will be 54 Mbps and that’s if there is one computer on that access point. A typical line will either be 100 Mbps or 1024 Mbps.
  7. When the tape or backup disk isn’t rotated its not our data at risk. We offer complete online backups. If you have data-only online backups you still need an alternative backup.
  8. Don’t use Outlook’s quickfill/autofill for contacts. Its much better on Outlook 2010 but it’s still not the best place to keep contact email addresses – that’s what the contacts folder is for.
  9. We don’t recommend refilled toner/ink.