Phish Alert Button in Outlook

How To Use The Phish Alert Button

CITS is pushing out a Phish Alert Button (PAB) in Outlook (provided by KnowBe4). How does this work, and how can you use it to help keep your organization safe?

When do I use it?
Click the PAB anytime you believe you have received a phishing email, or any potentially dangerous email. Any emails you report using the PAB will be automatically deleted from your inbox. The emails you report will also be forwarded to us for analysis.

How do I use it?
You’ll see the Phish Alert add-in at the top of your Outlook client. To report an email as a phishing email, simply click the button while you’re looking at the email. The email you reported will be forwarded to CITS for investigation and reporting and then will be deleted from your inbox. If you report an email in error, you can retrieve the email from your Trash/Deleted Items.

Why should I use it?
Reporting emails will help your organization stay safer. Because the emails you report are sent for analysis, we will now be aware of which phishing attacks are able to reach your company’s inboxes. Once we are aware of possible vulnerabilities, we can better defend against them. You are an important part of the process of keeping your organization safe from cyber criminals.

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