Managed Firewall Services

Security should be an important part of your business; however, we continually see homes and businesses using low-end routers. These routers do no outbound filtering which can cause data leakage. We also see open ports that introduce security holes into your network (how would you feel if you knew your RDP port was hit thousands of times a night by hackers in other countries?). My question is, why is your router accepting or sending traffic from/to countries like China or North Korea or other embargoes countries? Why do you have a port open when its just one user at home that needs access to that port?┬áWe are now offering a managed firewall for only $50 per month in most cases ($30/month for managed clients). There is no cost for the firewall (we will own and manage the firewall). This is an excellent router/firewall that will make your network flow better by providing Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic control preventing traffic from entering or leaving your network to places it shouldn’t be going. We can also provide a separate network for your guests (most companies freely give out their wireless codes to customers/vendors who now have access to your internal┬ácomputers).┬áThis is a separate offering than our regular services for servers and computers and can compliment your existing IT support. Call us at 817-354-2487 for more information and to setup a consultation.