I don’t normally send out virus warning because the warning is standard: Never open ANY attachment from ANY sender you don’t recognize and hover over ANY link from ANY unfamiliar email before clicking on it to confirm it’s a valid link. For example, if you receive an email from Linked In that has a link that doesn’t take you to then it’s likely not legit.

However, there is an older virus going back around that has a very damaging payload. Cryptolocker (technically ransomware) corrupts all local and network files. As a result, I am implementing security policies at all domain-based clients that will prevent EXE’s from running in user profiles. Update: I have implemented the same security policy on non-domain clients as well.

The new additional rule is: if you suspect you opened a bad attachment then immediately unplug power to the computer and call me.

If you receive an email that you aren’t sure about then forward the email AND send a help request (you need to send the help request because there’s a good chance the email is bogus and my spam filter will catch it) and I will let you know if its legit.