CITS Help Request version 2.0

We are pleased to announce we are rolling out version 2 of the CITS Help Request. The old version should get uninstalled but if you have any issues after a couple of days of getting the new version please let us know. We won’t push it out to everyone right away so don’t be concerned if you don’t get the new version for a week or two.

After install you will need to launch the Help Request from an icon (or restart) before its’ placed by the clock.


  • The program has been completely rewritten.
  • Icon has been changed to our logo (mainly so there is a difference between the two icons).
  • The installer will now put an icon in the start menu, the CITS folder of the start menu and the desktop.
  • You can now use any icon to bring up the form instead of just the icon by the clock (other icons reported that the program was already running).
  • Out of Office message will now be reported even without sending a help request (click the OoO tab).
  • We can push out alerts and notices to users on a global level, domain level, user level or computer level. You will be notified via brief popup and then the icon will notify you of unread message(s). Once you read the message(s) you will not be notified again. Messages are updated every five minutes.
  • Filled out information (name, phone, email) is now stored. Fields are initially completed from active directory if information is available but after that it will use information entered.
  • Field validation has been changed to tell users that phone number is required (as opposed to just turning it red).
  • Better error handling of situations where the alert could not be sent (instead of just crashing).
  • Response reports if alert is being sent outside of business hours or during a time when the alert is limited.
  • The program now sends the alert directly to the alerting platform and the ticket directly to the service desk platform (old version sent message to a server that then sent message to alerting platform that then sent message to ticketing system).
  • You will now get a ticket number in the response window (if you don’t attach a screenshot – one minor thing to work on).
  • The font should be a little larger (user requested).
  • You can now resize the form.
  • You can now use carriage returns in the issue field.
  • The resulting ticket will now have a little more descriptive titles.
  • Added balloon popups for help.
  • You can now send a screenshot of the primary monitor – this should be a huge help to us as we were getting a lot of requests that said “I’m getting this message” which required us to access the computer. It often took longer to get on the computer than it did to simply reply to the help request with an “ignore it”, “click yes” or whatever the correct answer was.
  • Version has been moved to top left and is v2.0.0.
  • The request box now stays on top of other windows.
  • Response and message are now rich text as opposed to plain text.

11/08/2016 change

  • version 2.0.1
  • Found issue where email addresses had to be lower case to validate.
  • Emails will now be made lower case when exiting field and will validate regardless.