CITS Help Request Icon

The new CITS Help Request is out! Joel Dunn has done a great job in programming step 1 of our new app (step 2 is a notification feature and step 2 is chat feature). The icon should be in the system tray by the clock but can be run manually from Start, Programs. You can also Alt-Tab to it. Once you open it complete your name, email address (optional but recommended), phone, and issue. Most users will find their name, email, and phone are automatically filled it (if its not and you are on a domain include the information and I’ll add it so it fills in). Click submit once you’ve entered the data.
12-21-2012 4-33-55 PM 12-21-2012 4-34-32 PM

If the phone number can’t be auto filled in it will show an example and auto select – you must include a valid phone number.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the application: